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The Poetry of
' Don'  Paul  Michael  Coleman
POEM # 1 

 The  Indolent   Prime  Minister
'Don' Paul Michael Coleman © February 28th 2013

You are so Dull you should be leader
of a Planet with No Atmosphere . . .
where Imagination is held up as a Crime
and freedom is despised and besmeared.

This would fulfill all your cursed hankerings
to dominate and to beguile . . . 
by enforcing your demonic ambitions
upon the unsuspecting child!

Think of all the great things that you would NOT do
In the name of your Elitest Swine . . .
You suppress the indigenous inhabitants . . .

just to declare your peer-group divine!

With a life so filled with Distortion,
You live in a Delusional 'State'. . .
You Worship nefarious deception
With your love of satanical hate!

The laws you intend to administer
are merely to subdue and secure . . .
the innumerable underclasses
that YOU View as ugly and poor.

You think of this as achievement

in your own conventional way. . .
Even though you PROMISED it would be different,
leading up to your election day!

You excel at the insignificant and inferior
with your Norman authority . . .
You steal everything from the plebeian descendants
just so your membership can Flourish for free . . .


If any of the insolent buggers
should raise their heads above the Barricade. . .
Your secret assassins can simply murder them
And leave the living among them completely afraid!

This will put all the scum in their rightful place
so you and your friends can enjoy . . .
continued success as an inglorious leader
on OUR planet that you would happily destroy!

But this will not last forever
Soon it will come to and end . . .
To have such little imagination,
as a leader, you cannot defend  .  .  .

Because soon you will be sent to that unapproachable world
an infinite distance from here . . .
where you and your contemptible cohorts
must learn to exist in a 'State' of Fear!

Ye will all get your punctilious compensation
and an everlasting and timeless reward . . .
Ye will all be left alone with each other
to be Scorched with a Fiery Hot Sword

It is a place that is devoid and deficient
of Love and Warmth and Rain . . .
Get used to it you Norman Bastards . . .
to an Eternity of Torment and Pain!!

POEM # 2

The  Nazis have  Taken England
'Don' Paul Michael Coleman © December 9th 2012


My Room has become a concentration Camp

because what you have done to Me

You’ve taken away my basic life,

my Health and my Liberty

But I am aware of your Heinous plan

And what you’re Trying to do

Osborne, Clegg and Cameron,

And Duncan Smith too

Your Hegemonic Exertions

are Utmost to the Fore

Your Sinister Mediated Control

is Strangulating these beloved shores

Your Methodology for Murder

Is Stunning in it’s Goal

Starve and Deprive the "Useless Plebs"

and entomb them in a Hole

For soon they will to start to drop off

Delicately, One-by One

And Ye will privately Celebrate

For a Job that’s so Efficiently Done!

This Exposes your Worship of Hitler

In all its Frightening ways

Ye have taken his Systematic Punishments

And Developed them for the End of Days

How Clever Ye all must feel to Administrate

Ye’re Filthy, Ugly Plan

Soon Ye will control the "Plebiscite" . . .

Every child, every woman and every man!

The Police are in Ye’re Pockets

with TV and the Radio

Your Command of all the Journalists

Has Delivered the final Deathblow!

Soon Ye’re Haughty Celebration

will reach it’s Fever Pitch

But Ye will be left ALL ALONE

Sinking with Yer Grisly Ship

For all the Children Ye Murdered

and "Peasants" Ye sent to their Graves

will soon come back to Haunt YOU

They’ll be Returning back in Waves . . .

You may have imprisoned this Country

With Temporal Authority . . .

This is what the Glorious Prime Minister

now Calls Christianity . . .

Oh how Christ must now be Vomiting

From all this Diatribe

The Nazi’s have finally gained Control

to Shank his Bleeding Side!!!

POEM # 3

Elegy  for the Humankind

© Aug  2001   'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

Yes, you always had me, but WE do not ‘do’ Games

After 40 million years, nothing has changed.

You come from the race of great pretenders:

Please tell me what’s your hidden agenda?

‘Coz my straightforwardness doesn’t walk where you go,

and I’m not familiar with the rules of Cluedo,

or games that are made by you lesser beings,

who think ye are gods with silken wings.

My Chariot, she carried you everywhere.

Did you rush past ‘GO’ to get you there?

Did you feel superior when you won at chess?

I hope it was worth it, you leaving this mess?

But if it’s a game then I’m disillusioned.

Ah! In all of these matches there’s always conclusions:

For when the final whistle blows and the last dice is thrown,

the last ladder scaled, then the final seed is sown.

So we must play by the rules, man’s rules that I Hate.

If this is ‘Free Will’, well then it’s ‘Check Mate’.

For what have you done with the Freedom you got?

You Bled it Dry and left it to Rot!

So, what God-Head has given must now be returned

I’m afraid that what’s left must be Savaged and Burned.

I do hope the next time we bear an Empire

We’ll see no more Beings so full of Desire.

To take for themselves what doesn’t belong;

to finally learn that Music’s for Songs.

But why should they hear a Sweet Melody,

Or taste the apple from the Divine Tree?

For what do ye know? Ye know nothing at all!

This is what has lead to your great Downfall . . .

POEM # 4

 My  Universal   Prayer

© June 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

There’s a Gap in my mind, I’m failing to fill

It seems I’m Intertwined with that Stone on the Mill

Shadows and Holes follow me Everywhere,

to the point that I’m feeling utter despair

Please Beloved tell me what will be my release?

Why is my Soul so full of disease?

I’m sorry that I didn’t try harder to please . . .

This deep Imperfection has me down on my knees

When I awaken from our mutual Dream

I just hide away and I Cry and I Scream

Where is this place I find myself in?

Have I been put here because of my Weakness and Sin?

It’s got to the point where I no longer can Cope

with the battle I picked  against the Lycanthrope

I thought I had the strength to tackle him headlong

but now my Father, I realize I was Wrong

I will always be a humble part of Your Essence,

and now I understand “Reality” is Adverse to Your Presence

Imagination is the only True Incandescence

Father, please Rescue me from the enemies of Your Existence

POEM # 5

 Why  I   Won’t  Buy Cheese

© Sept 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

I don’t like boy bands or coke,

mister Blobby or mister T

Food is for Eating and Juice is for Sipping

At least that’s what it seems to me!

Snacks and Popcorn Culture

Can be consumed so easily

Like Sausage Rolls, Pizza, Chips,

and fast foods -  Generally!

I think of all the Digestion

My Palate has had to Endure

My Stomach and Taste Buds are Aching!

My Senses are no longer Secure!

Of All the modern Cuisine

They have had to Learn to Eat

I swear my Mind is gone Crazy

With a Diet that’s no longer Replete!

It’s given me indigestion

And now I’m feeling quite ill

I’ve decided to Reject All of this Food

And rely upon a Pill

Its because I think its all just a fad

That Drifts here and there on a Breeze

Now I hate my Girlfriend for asking me

Why I simply don’t buy Cheese??



POEM # 6

Colour Blind

©  May 2011  'Don' Paul  Michael Coleman

We gave you the glorious blessing of Sight

In order for you to establish your Might

But all you have done is turn the Day into Night

So now we must transform our Love into Smite

You rejected the whole notion of this Gift

And merely use it to divide and to Split

Instead to use it to your benefit

It has become a weapon to colour your Rifts

Of all the creatures for this to apply

And with so many years of developing your eye

The result of this is merely to magnify

That Love given so freely is always doomed to die

So now we feel we must alter our scheme

For Earth deserves a little more of what is Serene

We must respond to her cries and her Screams

This Infestation must be purged and be cleaned

But for those of you who look up at the Stars

And seek the Blessings that Heal Division and War

Heed the warning and open your ears

Be Ready for changes that come from afar



 The  Best   Response

© Sept 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

The miniscule instant

It took to live through the experience

piqued my imagination into a descriptive reaction.

My mind slipped into drinking the moment!

The manifested pleasure of replaying the event

sucked me into a dream  .  .  .

The reverie had captivated me!

And yet, not a word was actually spoken.

When I recall the time

I think, sometimes, silence is the best response.


 The Journey

© August 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

10,000 of Us marched along the Riverbank

On the other Side was where the Poets Drank

We were an Army seeking Change

An Alternate State to be Arranged

Far Downstream we approached upon a Ford

and we crossed as One, upon my Word!

But the Poets were now Nowhere in Sight

We got the News that they had taken Flight

They headed towards Avalon

where all the other Innocents had gone

So we all sat down and began to Write

And prayed for the Delicate Gift of Foresight

to help us to Travel upon our Way

and Write the Words we had to Say

To reach that World so far away

where restless Hearts Desire to Stay

Now, in my Soul I sense I’ll See

that perfect place for you and for me

And when I do, I’ll Call your Name

So far across the Astral Plane

Then the Poets, the Children, the Soldiers, the Free,

The 10, 000 Teachers from History

will gather for the crossing New

on a Sailboat accompanying Me and You

To that Place that We’ll All call Home -

To the Land were Spirits have slept all alone

Waiting for that Fateful Eve
When We arrive upon the Astral Breeze




All  the Colours

© Oct 2011 'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


The Iris dilated

Showing no signs of focus.

Like a bewitching spell

upon the retinal nerve.

What is it trying to see?

What does it detect?

What kind of action,

Is it trying to effect?


The Sense of a Breeze?

The Aroma of Wine?

The Trickle of a Stream

bubbling down a Steep Incline?

The Noise of the Street?

The Taste of the City?

The Soaring Melody,

that can move us to Pity?

The warmth of your Breath?

The Taste of your Skin?

The depth of your Soul,

that lies Hidden Within?

So what is the Answer

to this Cryptic Riddle?

The Conundrum that holds

the Key to your Eye?

All our senses are

Longing to be Smitten,

to view All the Colours

with Panoramic Vision.

POEM # 10

The  Emotional  State  of  a Pineapple

© Oct 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

The Squeeze felt like the touch

Of Entwining Lovers

It was Firm, All-Embracing

and caused a trickle of Juice to come to settle on my Tender Spot

The Touch was so Cool but the Sensation was Hot

The Moment was Brief .  .  .

It Lit the Flame of Desire in my Core!

The invitation to offer myself to you

was overpowering . . .

Let us come together my Beloved  .  .  .

Let the tingling of our Senses mix

like the Honeydew from the Garden of Paradise

When you press against my Skin I realize,

I am destined to give myself to You.

POEM # 11

 Trip and   Trap

© Sept 2012  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

You came to me with a Colonial Quest
But you hid it so well: as you know Best!
Such Diabolical Plots beneath your lapel
Concealing the Highway to that place they call hell!

Sequestered Schemes of paleontological mould . . .
the Kind that runs my Scarlet Blood Cold.
Camouflaged inside your suckling Breasts
Posing, to Conquer our Happiness!

The Deceptive manner of your approach
Caused me to Stumble upon a Cockroach
‘Twas then I realized ’twas a hidden Device . . .
Along with all those other electronic Lice!

The kind that Foul Beings use to Retain . . .
to aid their hunger for Conquest and Pain,
To utterly possess the innocent Child
To Slash and To Burn, whilst running ‘round Wild .  .  .

A Stench came from your disgusting mess
You celebrated this and called it success!
Chaos, disorder and malignant dread
Are the only principles that come from your head

But now I can sense what’s about to Unfold
‘Twas Michael that came in a Dream and Foretold
The Horrific Truth of what you had attained
For Millenia now, what you captured and gained!

But it’s ALL about to come undone, unravel and erode
And when it does, you’ll shrivel up and then you will explode
Your essence will be scattered across the night Sky
And you’ll be Destroyed ‘cause of your incessant Lies.

And finally the Innocents all will Arise
Armed with the knowledge of the Old and the Wise
To take their Place at the side of the Throne
of our Supreme Father, The Holy and Loving One!

POEM # 12

Cassandra Calling

© Sept 2011  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

From all of the Things I’ve seen today,

the One that caught me most by Surprise

Was when you said to me, “Let’s Pray”

because you had just Realized

You saw an Ugly Vision of hell:

Scary beyond the Human Scope

So Horrific it made you seem Unwell

and caused you to Stagger, to Slip and to Grope

You said it was like a Proclamation,

that exploded right in front of your Face

So Overpowering in it’s Communication.

A real Bombshell for the Human Race!

“It was Nothing like those once Aforementioned,

by the Great Seers who Warned us in Time

It was so Graphic and so Full of Contention:

Even More Potent than Previous Signs.”

You saw a Large Snake with Ten Heads in the Sky,

that promised to Spread a campaign of Lament!

To Descend on the Earth as we Weep and we Cry!

To eat all the Children and never Relent  .  .  .

The Despicable Horrors it was about to Inflict

on the entire Population Complete and Untold!

It started a horrendous and Ugly Conflict

to accomplish the Bereavement of the Young and the Old

It was bad enough as you looked on in Dismay,

when you were flung to the depths of a Poisoned Abyss

Then it lighted on your Child and Stole it away,

to Consume its Bones with Casual Remiss!

You Screamed and you Yelled and Begged to Entreat,

and called upon God to relieve your Torments

A Penitential Appeal you laid at His Feet!

Then you called upon Mary, the Angels and Saints

Oh what have we done to be so deeply Chastised? 

How to make up for a Lifetime of Waste?

All We can do now is to Apologize,

and HOPE that Forgiveness makes us Humble and Chaste

For how We should Regret that We Disobeyed

and Resolve to be sorry and to be more Contrite

For Salvation can still be Wholly Attained:

Let’s ALL Kneel Together and Petition His Might!

POEM # 13

 Pulchritude  for  the   Multitude

© April 2012  Don Paul Coleman

Universal Awareness ran you Parallel to Insanity

You could See all! You Sensed Every Microcosm of Existence!

Death and Resurrection! Pain and Joy! Suffering and Catharsis!

Now You have Become the Incarnation of the Tendency Towards Complexity . . .

And it is Indisputably Worth The Consummated Hazardous Journey You Took!

You have Become the Perfection of Beauty and Completeness!

You are Now Baptized in the Fires of Healing!

The Consequence of Your Undertaken Battle, where so much of you was Shed,

has seen the Awakening of so Many

The Children of the Universe have come together Because of Your Victory

Love, White Light and Perpetual Blessings will Follow You for All Eternity . . .

Praise and Glory Be to the Supreme Intelligence of the Infinite . . .


Where it not for Your Astonishing Design!!

POEM # 14

 The End of  Days

© April 2012  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


The Humble Bee shall Eat the Toad because the Toad did Swallow the Road . .

The Route that brought You to No-Where and caused You just to Stop and Stare

At the Orb up in the Sky . . . The one that only brought You Lies

Sub-Division, Hate and Fear were all that Prospered in that same Year . .

The Year that Demarcated Right from Wrong

The Warning contained in so many Songs . . .

The Songs You Chose to Repudiate, to Vilify and Depreciate

All of this for Your Own Ends

When you to betrayed your Loyal Family and Friends

You elected to sell your own Blood-Line to the Bosom of the Evil Swine


The Ones that promised you much Power and Wealth

(They didn’t tell you the effect upon your Health) . . .

So now in this Prison you must dwell.  An Existence that has become just like hell

A Place where YOU Deserve to Be, because of all Your Treachery


Now You must Suffer perpetually, the Thirst for the Love I gave to Thee

In the Time when I Lived close by your way, and I was young just wanting to Play,

The Songs I’d Write or Hear or Sing, upon my chromatic guitar strings . .


The Instrument that God gave me to learn, but you cursed my Fingers until they Burned

For this Great sin You must now Pay, upon the Arrival of This Very Day.

For everything I did with LOVE, that thing that I learned from the Man Above . . .

The One who taught me to Care and Pray and Share this Joy with You Every Day

But You Hated Me for what I Had, and when I Suffered it made you Glad

But your Demise has filled me with Riven . . .

Despite all of this, You Are FORGIVEN!!


Alas! Its Time for Us to Move on, to Share our Love and Sing Our Songs

Soon We’ll forget this Episode, But as for You, well, I don’t Know??

Loneliness as an Eternal State can only harbour Evil and Hate.

Aaaah! If only you had Accepted Me, You’d not have ended up like This for Eternity . . .


POEM # 15

Ode to Joy!

© March 26th 2014 (in Saigon)  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


When I saw your Face I could not help
but be completely Taciturn

by the dissipated innocence trickling from your eyes
I'm so utterly Overcome!

We met, perchance, on the Invisible Plane,
and we both resolved to visit there, again and again . . . 

Perhaps it was just something that was meant to be
Between two Souls drifting upon the Virtual Sea  .  .  .

Now, everytime I leave you I fall into deep regret
because this is how our crossing has effected my Mindset .  .  .

But that is calmed by the thought that you swim into my dreams
where the boundaries of reality fall apart at the Existent Seems!

And so this State has become my prevailing Tangibility
and I Mock at that hollow Province they call "Reality".

Because soon we will join together, where as Lovers we'll be Free
And we'll embellish our Perfect New World with Benevolent Totality!


POEM # 16

Ode  to a Conman
© November 2012 'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

My Friend appeared stealthily from nowhere

Accompanied by the wisp of a breeze

Carrying with Him a New Philosophy,

to bring your realm down to it’s Knees

I found I couldn’t argue with the Logic

Such was the obvious Rationale  .   .   .

YOUR world was ruled by Depreciated Concords,

sliding it’s way down to Hell!


As the Event Horizon had been traversed

And there was nowhere else to go . . .

My AVENGER gravely insisted,

that this was no Iconoclastic Show!

He came here with a Specific Purpose

To untangle YOUR Heinous Plot,

that YOU, as a diffident creature,

reticulated into a Gordian Knot


Armed with Distinctive Introspection

and supplemented by Perceptive Wit

Plus a Wide and Historical Perspective,

that would help Him to Brace YOUR Bit  .   .   .

Considering YOUR Arrogance and Pretension

that had punctuated our Discourse .  .  .

Not knowing Professors Lie to Students,

and are utterly Devoid of Remorse


Where are those ‘Pertinent Suggestions’,

that were meant to inspire my Campaign?

Oh sorry, YOU never even showed up

to the meetings that we had arranged!

You said this was a School of Communication

Consecrated in Sanctity

And enveloped in a pure Euphonius

Air of Respectability??


But YOU never told me YOUR Inadequacies,

or the Pillars that YOU hid Behind  .   .   .

And the Duplicitous Fundamentals,

that Dominated YOUR mind

I followed all the demanded instructions,

to achieve Distictinctively

But you persuaded your collective ASSASSINS,

to ejaculate nonsensically!


Then I found out that you were a Thief,

that robbed your student’s Brain  .   .   .

YOU Plagiarized her original intentions

for YOUR Short-Term and Miserable Gain!

So how would YOU ever fulfil your oath

to  a working man like me?

When YOU said I was only an ‘Irish Rebel’,

as YOU Mocked my Integrity  .   .   .


Oh! What would father Socrates say now,

that YOU’VE murdered my Symphony?

The Pursuit of Knowledge is just a “Game” ?

And you call this “A Doctorate Degree” ?

For now it’s required to penetrate deep,

right into YOUR ‘didactic’ Core

‘Tis much much to late to rectify  .   .   .

You academic Whore!


So what remains for my Good Friend to do,

following my Untimely Demise?

He will crawl inside YOUR Hollow Head

And Feast upon YOUR Eyes!

He will eat YOU up and Defecate

the Excrement that is YOUR mind,

and Flush it down the gutter

to be Eaten by inglorious Swine  .   .   .


Then where will YOU be? YOU will be gone  .   .   .

Consigned to Peter Oblivion,

Dr. Hackenbush, Professor Pout??

peter who?   .  .  .  Petered Out!!!

POEM # 17

Cambodia Kid

© June 1979  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

Her Flesh is all Gone
Her Figure Undone
Her Body so Weak
Nothing but Bone
Politicians Talk . . .
She just about Walks

Her Face is a Blank
Just like Their Intentions . . .
The World must go On
It needs more Inventions
An android Population
Will replace the Dying Nations

After all, Robots have no Souls
They can be easily Discarded
People must Eat
and Food costs Money . . .

But Cambodia Kid ain't never seen Green,
so She don't Mind

Not like You and Me . . .

She ain't Blind!

POEM # 18
The satanBug
© July 1980 'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

23 nights to go

And we still don’t want to know

’Cos the whole world has a plague

That makes Reality seem Vague

More Money , Lust , and Hurt

We are all Devils in one boat

All sailing towards our Hell

Yet we all think we are going to another place


Just like Satan on his darkest day

We’ll still hunt and kill our prey

Even when our own Souls are at stake

We are all just drowning

in the Bloody Big Lake

POEM # 19

 Your Higher  Power!
© December 2011 'Don' Paul Michael Coleman

I’ve just woken with my face air brushed to the floor

a moment full of clarity not wanting this any more

I can hear the mirror image of my thousand reasons why,

I would be revisiting,

but it’s all a pack of lies!

This is a declaration of acceptance in my dark and deepest hour,

my life has become unmanageable

I've got to Journey to YOUR Higher Power!



POEM # 20

© August 21st  201 'Don' Paul Michael Coleman  [for his elsewhere beloved brother]


One of my Brothers is Missing

He's gone to Talk to a Tree

For so Many Years I tried to Converse

But, He Couldn't Engage with Me!


I knew He was in Trouble

It was Obvious to My Soul

But, How was I to Draw Him Out

Of this Deep and Darkest Hole?


I only needed His Attention

so we could Reconcile .   .   .

But I Understand His reluctance

To Engage with Me a while!


Sometimes it happens in Adulthood

there's a Terrible Disconnect

that leads to a Hollow Feeling

and makes Us Circumspect!


It's in these Hopeless Moments

that We clearly see the Signs.

But Our Attempts are Oft in Vain

and to Destiny We Must Resign!


So, when one of Our Most Dearest

Elects to Walk Alone .   .   .

and it becomes Very Clear

They cannot make it Home .   .   .


Then all WE can do is ACCEPT IT

though it causes us to Cry.

The Event Horizon has been Crossed

To Their wishes we MUST Comply


So, All I can Say is 'I'll Miss Him'

I Hope that You can See .   .   .

Forever He's My Brother .   .   .

He is My T.J.C.



  POEM # 21

 Song  for Her!

© August  1999  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


I Gave My Love to You, and You said You felt the same?

It was just a Game!

Oh !  what a Shame!


The Promises You made, are Buried in a Grave!

And it makes me Sad!  Oh! so Sad!


I hadn’t got a clue! I should’ve said to You  .  .  .


Don’t You Waste My Time, Time, Waste My Time!

Don’t You Waste My Time  -  Waste My Time


I gave my Life to You, and You took all that I had!

Don’t You know it was Bad?

You are Bad!


I hadn’t got a clue! I should’ve said to You  .  .  .


It took so long for Me to see right Through You!

And now I’m gone, You think you’ve won the Day?


I’ll be on My Way!

But now I’ll have my Say . . . .


Don’t You Waste My Time, Time, Waste My Time!

Don’t You Waste My Time  -  Waste My Time

POEM # 22
He is a Banker!
© February 2013  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


He is a Banker, a Filthy  little Banker

He plays with Himself All Day

He smokes lots of Hash whilst He adds up all His Cash

And He sends all the Plebiscite away  .  .  .


He likes to own all the oil, just like a Rothchild

I think He stores it ALL beside His Gold

He STOLE it all from YOU, though You haven’t got a clue

That’s why He is the richest man in the World!


At the Bilderberg estate He meets His Banking Mates

And gets together for some duck and caviar

He could be a humble Teller, OR a Rockefeller

But secretly he’s planning YOUR next WAR!


All the Presidents and Counts, and very Large Amounts

Of people who consider themselves ‘the elite’

Met  up with Prince Bernhard, to get it on so Hard

to help all the little Bankers get on their feet


THEIR Group once went to Layton and secretly met ol’ satan,

together They hatched a very WICKED Plan

First They’d invade Iraq, then North Africa They’d ATTACK

And complete it all by entering Iran


T’was to appropriate ALL resources, whilst showing no Remorse

and to offer it to their master in adoration

What he promised them to give, was forever that They’d live

in an everlasting debt-free Banker’s Nation


But, in a Machiavellian Twist, the AGENDA that they ALL missed

Was that when THE significant moment would arise

That he would gain Control, of ALL Their foolish Souls:

The Consequence of all his fabricated Lies!

POEM # 23
© March 1st  2013  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


You gravitated towards my mind’s domain,

seamlessly across the virtual plane.

You have become central to my Existence.

Without you my life is Devoid of substance.


The words you use to communicate,

are so natural how they conciliate,

the calmness and the composition,

of your Loving Disposition . . .


Your Mind is such a Hallowed place.

Your Soul is luminous and full of Grace.

My Angel who is enveloped in pleasance

Oh how I long to see Your Countenance . . .


You are so Clever and Perspicacious,

and Your Generosity is so Conspicuous.

When we meet I will explode with Rapture

Contemporaneously, my Heart You’ve Captured!

POEM # 24
Pristine  Christine
© March 2013  'Don' Paul Michael Coleman


Your Mind is such a Beautiful Place, it presently occurs to me,

that the Quest you seek to Cultivate is for sempiternity.

You are navigating towards perfection, with all that it can accrue

Pristine Christine Olivia, I am so in Awe of You!


And yet you carry Humility, it’s written on your Beauteous Face!

There is a clear deficit of pretentiousness; of this there is no Trace.

Your thirst For Bounteous Knowledge will transport you to Purity.

Your Genius for Investigation is Boundless in Intensity.


I so admire your Bearing, it’s been this way some time.

When we Analyse a Discourse, You seem so well Aligned!

The Balance You have in your Mind’s Eye, is there for ALL to see.

And when we talk, I find my Mind Expands Exponentially.


I’m always Amazed at how You view, the World so Exceptionally . . .

Your Brain is such a Treasure Trove, it functions Ingeniously!

You are a Constellation that came from the Heavens Above.

It’s patently observational that your Quest abounds with Love!


Oh Wondrous Incandescent and Astounding Cicerone,

the World now Prognosticates your appointment to the Throne.

For you are an Inspiration, Your Brilliance shall ever Bestrew!

You are my Queen and Empress  .  .  .  My manifested Muse

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