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Mission Statement:

Sunstream Convergent Media undertakes to provide a fully professional service of creating and producing a range of Digital Media, which includes Music Recording and Production, Television Programming, Film and Movie Production, Advertisements, Text, Graphics, Sound and Video as a single experience for the general Entertainment, Sport, Corporate and Local Business sector. 

The products will be generated via the use of Industry Standard Apparatus and Resources running the latest Broadcasting Audio and Multimedia Software, Cameras, Production Equipment and Computers.

Main Services Provided:​
1. Film and TV Moving Images Production​
2. Music Production​
3. Sound Design and Music Composition for Animation and Film.​
4. Generic Film Scoring and Composition​
5. Songwriting and Arranging​
6. Commercials & Advertising​
7. Community Based Projects including Media and Performance Education​

8. Events and Festivals Management
9. Jingles.

Sunstream Convergent Media combined, have many important contacts in the entertainment industry in Britain, Ireland, Vietnam, South East Asia, Cyprus, Greece, EU and Central and South America.  From their many years networking in the business they have built up an impressive list of associations.  These contain a host of Artists, Labels, T.V. Broadcasters, Movie Makers, Galleries, Exhibition Centres, Museums and Venues and many Recording Studios situated throughout the U.K. and abroad.  The list includes the many areas of the industry that can yield multimedia contracts with such as:

​• Artists (all classes)​

• Artist Management Companies​
• Record Labels​
• Booking Agencies​
• Broadcasters​
• Radio Stations​
• The PRS​
• The Producers Association (APRS)​
• The Musicians Union and Equity​
• Recording Studios​
• Television Companies​
• The Music Press​
• Exhibition Centres​
• Galleries and Cultural Centres

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